REVIEW: Spike The Devil You Know(2010)

AngelHC7.jpgSpike The Devil You Know is a four issue spin off of the Angel title. It features Eddie Hope; the blue devil introduced in Immortality For Dummies. It’s a fun little book with some unfortunate problems.

Spike The Devil You Know

Writer:  Bill Williams
Pencils: Chris Cross
Inks:Marc Deering
Colorist:Ronda Pattison & Charlie Kirchoff
Editor: Maria Huehner
Cover Price: $17.99

Previously on Angel:  Spike is…Spike. There’s nothing new with him, but Eddie Hope his sidekick for this book was last seen in Immortality for Dummies.  He was hunting demons that wronged him and others when L.A. was in Hell(should Hell be capitalized?).

What is Up: One of Spikes old vampire friends is stirring up trouble. She is opening a small Hellmouth in L.A. to let paying costumers through. So of course Spike gets involved, partly to be a hero, and partly to see an old friend I guess.

Of course Eddie the ice devil has a mark on her too. So they team up to take her out.

There are some nice moments for the characters throughout but as a whole the story just falls flat for me.

The artist changes about halfway through which makes the book feel disjointed. It is a lot more stylized in the second half, and I don’t think that its a good thing. The art isn’t bad but Spike never looks right, which is a big deal for me.

Bottom Line: The book isn’t bad. It’s just average. The art is spotty at best and the plot is pretty throw away. Nevertheless its a fun read.



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