Angel: Only Human(2010) This is what all Angel Comics should be

Angel Only Human is a 5 issue mini series that takes place after Angel:Last Angel in Hell. It follows Gunn and Illyria in a treck across California, and Texas. This is the kind of story I have been wanting to see out of the Angel comics since they started. SPOILERS: for After the Fall and Buffy/Angel the tv series. Continue for the full review.

Angel: Only Human

Writer: Scott Lodbell
Penciller:David Messina
Inker:Gaetano Carclucci
Colorist:Ilaria Traversi
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Maria Huekner and Chris Ryall
Cover Price: $19.99

Previously on Angel:  After the fall series things went a little screwy in the angel comics. There was a lot of one shot issues in the last trade, including the anual. But in the main story line Gunn has just got out of the hospital with Illyria watching over him. We last saw them get in a car together, Illyria trying to learn how to drive.

In Only Human we continue to follow Gunn and Illyria as they journey together. We get to see Gunn like Spike in After the Fall see her trying to understand humans. I like this exploration of the character because its clearly what they were going to for back when she was introduced in season 5. I feel her story arc is not over yet and I’m excited for more Illyria action. The After the Fall comics were hit and miss for me, but this book seems to hit on what made Angel so awesome in the first place. You have bad ass action scenes and F*** ya moments, with humor and character development. I’m very happy that Gunn is back to being who he used to. I was not a fan of Vamp Gunn, he just didn’t fit as a bad guy to me.  The chemistry between Illyria and Gunn make this book work like a good buddy cop movie, except where one cop is a god.

So they go back to Fred’s parents house, find a nazi like cult trying to resurrect one of Illyria’s old enemy’s,Baticus. We get a lot of backstory in flashback about who he is and his relationship to Illyria. The rest of the book is taking down the cult and Baticus. We get to see Gunn try and be a good guy, only to find that the world is not a good place. Ultimately though this is Illyria’s story. She hasn’t really spotlighted since well…ever and it was good. It was cool to see what Illyria is really capable of.

The art is really nice. The characters are clearly the characters from the show. Which is the most important thing to me. The designs are also very akin to the old buffy verse designs.This has got to be one of the best comics in the buffy verse that I have read. From me thats some high praise. Now I can’t wait to see what Mr. Willingham of Fables fame is going to do with it.  15 geek points. Must Read For Angel Fans.


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3 responses to “Angel: Only Human(2010) This is what all Angel Comics should be”

  1. Bex says :

    I stopped reading the Angel comic after the first four issues. So is it worth it to keep going with them or do you think this good story arc is a fluke?

    • dwashba says :

      I have the Bill Willingham issues coming soon, so if those look up I’ll let you know. If you didn’t like those first issues, you might be better off just waiting to see what happens when the Angel property moves over to Dark Horse. Although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Buffy season 8 comics either. Lets hope it goes well.

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