The Get Geek Podcast episode 2: Its showtime!

This week on the Get Geek Podcast: Doctor Who, Fables, an internet radio station and much more!

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Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh

A solar tsunami sends the TARDIS hurtling towards a futuristic factory where doppelgangers – known as ‘Gangers’ – are used to complete jobs deemed too hazardous for humans. When a second wave hits, the Gangers separate and war seems inevitable. Only the Doctor can prevent an escalation of hostilities… but all is not as it seems…

Fables vol.3:

Written by Bill Willingham; Art by Bryan Talbot, Lan Medina, Mark Buckingham, Linda Medley, Steve Leialoha and Craig Hamilton; Painted Cover by James Jean

A new Softcover collecting the acclaimed FABLES #11-18, including the 4-part “Storybook Love.” Also included are the 2-part “A Sharp Operator” and the single-issue tales “Bag o’ Bones” and “Barleycorn Brides.” Don’t miss this amazing third collection, topped off with a stunning new wraparound cover by James Jean.

paranormal echoes:
Radio show out of McMaster University. Airs here every Thursday at 7 AM EST. Shows archived here shortly after.

Napoleon Dynamite TV show
White Holes?

Favorite TV show voting on TVspoilers
Completed Series
Whimsical:Arrested Development
Whimsical:The Office
Awhimsical:Doctor Who
Completed Series
Whimsical:Buffy(Again hasn’t finished)
Awhimsical:LOST(Hasn’t finished though.)
Whimsical:Glee/How I met your mother
Awhimsical:Doctor Who/Dexter
Top 25 cartoons from entertainment weekly


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