Fables vol.2:Animal Farm(2003)

Fables debuted in the early 2000’s to much critical acclaim in the comic book industry. It has gone on to over 100 issues, a spin off, and its been optioned for a tv series although nothing has happened as of late with that. This is the second volume, collecting issues 6-10.

Fables vol.2:Animal Farm

Writer: Bill Willingham
Penciller:Mark Buckingham
Inker:Steve Leialoha
Colorist: Daniel Vozzo
Letterer: Todd Klein
Editor: Shelly Bond
Cover Price: $12.95

Previously on Fables:  In the first volume of Fables, we are introduced too Fabletown, and its denizens. Fabletown is a community of outcast characters from fables, and fairy tales. The fables were outcast by what we only know as the adversary. Now they try to stay out of mortal affairs while working towards getting back towards there homeland. In the first volume we’re introduced to the Big Bad Wolf; reformed and referred to as Bigby, as the sherif of Fabletown.Snow White as the mayor(pretty much). Jack(and the beanstalk in case you were wondering) is a local screw up and girlfriend to Rose Red. The first Volume deals with Rose Red’s murder.If you don’t want to be spoiled for that volume don’t read any further just go read it.

Rose turns out to be alive and she faked her own death.

In the second volume Snow, and Red go up to the animal farm where all the anthropomorphic animals and creatures live for a bi-yearly check up. Things are amiss there, with some kind of push to take back the homeland and break out of the farm. This revolution is headed by Goldilocks and the story is quit delightful.

One of the great things about Fables is its ability to show you characters you are familiar with and turn your expectations on their head. Like Goldilocks toting a hunting rifle, and treating the bears like lesser beings. Or seeing the animals from the Jungle Book chasing Snow White and trying to eat her. Just trust me on this one; if any of that sounds cool to you, you will love Fables. I recommend starting with Vol.1 but you can start with this vol. its still enjoyable. I give Fables vol.2 15 geek points. Must Read Comic


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