The Guild Comic Series(2010)

The Guild is a long running Web series created and starring Felicia Day. Last year she wrote a prequel series 3 issues long to explain how the knights of good got together.

The Guild

Writer: Felicia Day
Art: Jim Rugg
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Letterer: Nate Piekos
Editor: Scott Allie
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Cover Price: $12.99

The comic like the Web Series follows Cyd Sherman and her guildies. However the first issue begins with Cyd not even having “The Game”.The issue starts the same as the series, with Cyd in front of a webcam. We learn that Cyd is talking to her webcam for her therapist, but its still works out the same. We get to see Cyd when she was working for the orchestra and we’re introduced to her shity boyfriend. Her boyfriend is starting a band and completely uses Cyd to get any success at all. Anyway we learn that Cyd has some depression and we learn that her therapist is an asshole too. Cyd stumbles into a game store and comes out with “The Game”. Her boyfriend blows her off and she finds herself playing the game. She runs into bladezz and some other guy who we have never seen before. She gets caught in a cycle of trying to kill a boss and Vork helps her out noting that she ows him on a spreadsheet.

In the second issue her boyfriend makes up with her and she writes him music, which he says he wrote. So she goes back into the game meeting Clara, still pregnent. They team up with zaboo, they all team up with Vork. We get a lot of really funny interactions here. At the end Cyd finds her boyfriend making out with another member of the band. A male member.

Cyd deals with it by going on an all night gaming session with the group. There’s a nice montage. The group brakes up momentarily but is formed again when Tink appears and tries to get them to join a tournament with her. They don’t win but its foreshadowed that its where Codex gets her staff eventually. The series ends with Cyd leaving her boyfriend and burning the music. Then forming the Knights of Good.

There’s also a 3 page comic included from Myspace Dark Horse Presents. Its a nice bonus. There is also a few pages of sketches and other artists interpretations.

The art is good. Its not perfect, but its good. The characters are all recognizable and the art in the fantasy world is nicely done. Its all a little softer then the real world and more colorful.

The book is very well done and it holds that Guild charm. All the characters are the same as you remember and you can hear all there voices in your head. Which is a hard thing to do with an adaptation if you ask me. You don’t have to know the guild to read this volume though its very approachable. This book is worth 10 geek points. Its a great introduction to the Guild. Watch the guild for free at


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