Let’s Watch Supernatural Begins

Welcome to the new series, Let’s Watch Supernatural. It just got renewed for a 7th season, so its high time I caught up. I have already seen the first 6 episodes so the posts are starting with the seventh episode, Hookman.

If your not familiar, Supernatural is an American television series, created by Eric Kripke. It stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. The brothers team up to look for there missing father. Lets back up some though, Sam and Dean’s mother was killed by some spirit. So daddy being the good daddy he obviously was, taught his kids about monster hunting. So when Dean tells Sam that “dad has gone hunting and he hasn’t come back” they go on a trek with there muscle car across the country looking for clues and murdalizing bad spirits. Ok sound good? Go catch up. I can wait.

OK sweet so episode 7, Hookman. This episode was really…average. I don’t know, they didn’t get any closer to finding there dad and the badie wasn’t interesting enough. Its not to say there was anything wrong with the episode, it was just bland. I will say that its really stupid how people alway, and I do mean always get out of there car when they hear something weird. I mean this happens in like every horror movie ever and like half of these episodes so far. Also I can already pick out the formula of the show. Not that thats a bad thing, most shows have a formula to one degree or another. But its introduce bad guy by someone dieing, brothers find out, drive, talk to only witness, police think they did it or some variation on that, they kill the monster usually letting the witness in on the whole creepy crawlies are real deal,then they leave with some appropriate rock music playing. OK let me know if I got that right, so far thats how it goes. Well thats all I got guess its time for episode 8.  For more information on Supernatural check out supernatural wiki.


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