Doctor Who-The First Series(2005)

After 16 years The Doctor finally came back as Christopher Eccleston in this the 1st(or 27th depending on how you look at it)series of Doctor Who.  If you have never watched Doctor Who before but want to know what its all about, this is a perfect place to start. After all this series was designed to be an introduction to new watchers. You get to see the doctor through the lens of someone who has never heard of him before. Rose played by Billie Piper.

Much like Buffy: TVS the series a slew of 45 minute shows, with a few 2 parters thrown in. The episodes are unconnected but each episode leads nicely into the next. Lets look at what we’ve got.

Rose. The pilot is actually one of the worst episodes of the bunch. It just doesn’t hold up well. The beginning was very Buffy-esque with a girl looking around in a dark place and then finding the monster.  However the monsters were really bad CG manikins. So there was that. The best parts of this episode are the interactions between Rose and The Doctor. Unfortunantly these are scarce. Don’t worry though this episode is interesting enough, and the series gets much better.

Face of Boe.jpg

Face of Boe

The end of the World. So this second episode is very um…lets go with interesting. It guest stars a tree person. Anyway the plot is watching the world explode from the exploding star. Ok and while thats going on we meet the last human alive, and THE FACE OF BOooooe. Ok you really just need to see it to believe it. This episode turns into a who dunit kinda deal.

The unquiet dead. This episode is where the series starts to pick up for me. Which is odd because its a historical episode. They go back to when Charles Dickens was alive, and kick it with him some. They set on a quest to rid the town of ghosts…and change Dickens philosophical views. Alright thats kinda cool…and those ghosts? Yep there aliens.From another dimension.  Also this is the third episode in a row with some kind of explosion/fire. (spoilers) Lets see in the first episode theres the doctor blowing up the store,second episode there is the tree girl catching on fire and in this episode they blow up the haunted house. I always knew the Doctor was a pyromaniac.


Aliens in London/World War Three. This is the first 2 part episode of the series, and it kinda shows. The cliffhanger is really bad, the special effects are inconstant at best and the villains are jokes. A flying saucer lands in London and its all the rage, unfortunantly its all a ruse. The real aliens are in control of the political office! But instead of you know doing anything with their power, they just want to blow up the world. Real original guys… The first thing you’ll notice about them is the constant farting. Ok really I know its a family show but its not “that” funny or weird after its in every scene. In the second part the Slithean have unmasked themselves.  There glory full sometime Cg sometime rubber suit bodies. They really should have used one or the other because the two versions looked very different.  Its not like they were threatening either. They have baby faces. Come on creature designers. You can do better.

Dalek. Now things get really good. This is easily my favorite episode of the first series. I feel like this is the first time we get to see another side of the Doctor. We get to see the Doctor repeatedly try and murder the Dalek when it is defenseless.  We also get to see Daleks overcome the mighty stairs in this episode! We get to see Rose truly save the day in this episode as well, the doctor doesn’t really help. There is just something special about this episode so its a shame that the writer hasn’t written any other episodes. Only radio and such.



The long game. Ok here’s the hight of the human empire…set back 100 years. Come on really in a hundred year span we go from space slop to fine cuisine. I find that hard to imagine. This episodes fun. Its a whole conspiracy deal. People controlling the media. What I want to know is how did they get Simon Pegg in here? I have to imagine that he was a fan of Doctor Who or something cause by this point Shawn of the Dead was already out. I want to know what the deal is.

Fathers Day. Ah this is a great episode. Deals with Rose going back to see her father die…don’t know why you wouldn’t just go see him when he’s alive but ok.She ends up saving her dads life and creates a ‘rip in time’ or some deal. So crazy dragon monsters come and start eating everything. So I think you know how it ends just from my description but its still enjoyable. Rose finds out somethings about her dad she would have rather not known but its still a feel good episode.

The empty child/the doctor dances. Second 2 parter. This one is really pretty creepy, which makes sense because its written by Stephen Moffat, who is the current head honcho of Doctor Who. This also introduces Jack Harkness, or Capn Jack. I really didn’t like Jack when we first see him, but he does kind of grow on you. So this 2 parter takes place in London during the German air raids. A little kid has been infected with something that gives him a gas mask and it transmuted to other people. Doesn’t sound scary but it is.

Boom Town. This is a return to the Slithean. We see the Slithean changing for the good?Maybe. Naahh probably not. They have to be used as villains down the road at some point.  This is a nice pretty slow episode, building character and such. The Doctor goes on a date with the Slithean where she repeatedly tries to murder him and then convince him that you can change? Bitch had to have known it wouldn’t work. Then she just tries to make the doctor feel bad for sending her to her death.

Anne Droid.jpg

You are the weakest link!!

Bad Wold/Parting of ways. Last 2 episodes are a 2 parter. Cause thats basically all TV shows now. The crew find themselves in a future game show back on the satilite from the long game. Rose is on a quiz show, the Doctor is in some kind of reality TV type of thing. I don’t know. Capn Jack is on a fashion show where he repeatedly gets naked. So thats all fun and good but it turns out that the game shows kill you! So ya commentary on how reality TV is the worst. I like it. The second episode is dealing with a new threat, behind the old threat. Ok ya know what there Daleks. There insane Daleks, which I didn’t think could happen but there you go. They have to stop the Daleks without wiping out earth too. Anyway at the end of the episode you get a really anticlimactic change from Eccleston to Tennet.I can’t wait to watch the Christmas invasion!

For series 2 what I am hoping to do is write about each episode as I go. So there nice and fresh in my mind. We’ll see. The first series of Doctor Who gets, 40 geek points.


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