The Dresden Files-Storm Front

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Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files is one of the most widely known urban fantasy series of all time.(The genre’s not that old so…) The first book was originally a paper Butcher wrote for a creative writing class in college that his professor urged him to publish. The first book has spawned 12 sequels with a 13th on the way, a 1 season television series, a graphic novel adaptation, and a roleplaying game. Oh and the audio books are read by James Marsters(Spike from Buffy).

Currently I have just finished book 5 of the series. I’m taking a small break but I plan to continue the series. I have not seen the show although I understand that it doesn’t follow the plot of the books at least not strictly, nor have I read the graphic novel, or played the roleplaying game.

So what the balzz is it about?

The series and book follows Harry Dresden the only wizard in the yellow books.  He lives in an apartment in Chicago, taking investigative cases and dealing with wizards of the white council.

Graphic Novel Cover-A lot more snazzy huh

Storm Front starts with Dresden getting a case, getting a call from the police and getting threatened by the local crime lord. That sounds like a lot but thats really condensing the first 5 or so chapters. The book is good about introducing the characters and concepts at a good pace. The world itself is one of the most interesting parts of the books. I don’t want to spoil to much because each book releases a bit more information on the world.In Storm Front you’ll learn about brewing potions, the general workings of magic, and the supernaturals place in things.

One of the things I find so amazing about The Dresden Files is that within each book the tension and mystery continually builds to the point that you think its peaked but it keeps going.

I can’t say Storm Front is the best of the series but its a great place to start reading a geektastic series. I’d give Storm Front a must read for any true geek and say its worth 50 geek points.

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2 responses to “The Dresden Files-Storm Front”

  1. Bex says :

    One of Proffitt and I’s friends used to RPG with Butcher, cool by association. I enjoyed them but I never made it past the 4th book. My to read list is just too long and there’s not enough time. I liked the SYFY show too and I think it may have had a longer life if it had come on now vs. then when they seemed to be gearing up to dump original programs for wrestling.

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