Robocop is very clearly a product of the 80’s but it holds up surprisingly well. Last night was my first viewing of Robocop and it was a lot of fun. There is something magical about some 80’s movies, some great essence that has been lost now that were in an all CG age. So let’s go back to the past together and take a look a Robocop.

Robocop came out in 1987 starring Peter Weller as the man in the suit, and Nancy Allen played his cop partner. Weller has played equally geek roles in such films as Naked Lunch and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. He also recently played a role in Dexter. You might know Nancy  Allen from Carrie, the Stephen King adaptation. Ronny Cox played the villainous executive of  OCP and creator of the ed-209. You may know him from a similear role in Total Recall another Paul Verhoeven film no less. Kurtwood Smith the gun toting villain of the film is probably most well known by playing Red in that 70’s show.

Robocop is a pretty standard cyberpunk story as far as I can tell but as someone who hasn’t been exposed to much cyberpunk it was all pretty fresh to me. Even if you are a cyberpunk connoisseur the pure ballz to the wallz action. This movie doesn’t really have much down time as far as I am concerned, its small talk scene followed by 15 minute action scene. So its a good thing that they are all varied and interesting. Lets take a look shall we.

The above scene is the showcase of ed-209. Or as I like to call him 10 frames per second McGee. Really the should have tried harder with ed-209. Oh and what is up with the lion roaring. Really? You have a giant robot with huge guns and rockets and its not scary enough so you added a lion roar? No wonder it malfunctioned. Also its hilarious how  Rony Cox’s character is not fired or anything. They just get mad at him.And what are they going to tell that poor guys family.

“Oh sorry one of the charimen killed him on accedent with a giant robot. No, we didn’t fire him.”

And whats worse, he somehow continues to manufacture them.

This scene is hysterical and creep all at the same time. Some really good effects here too. Nothing really here to comment on besides that later he is in an operating room and he somehow is still alive! Really come on. Anyway this is the genesis of robocop.

Gotta say this is one of my favorite scenes. Apparently the original script had robo shooting the guys head but Weller had the idea of shooting between the dress and there you go. Also one of the best screams in the movie. Just sayin.

Toxic Waste scene

This scene is super funny. Intentional or not. Sorry that its not embedded. Its restricted on this one for some reason. I love how the guys friend just runs away in terror.

ed 209 vs robocop 

Again sorry its not embedded but its turned off. This scene is has probably the dumbest moment in the whole movie. Stairs defeat the mighty ed-209! Just like stairs defeat Daleks you know. God, so stupid. And really who programs a pig squealing into a robot. COME ON!

Robocop is getting remade for a 2013 release but I am not sure how the story will translate to a modern time. The idea of big corporations running everything worked in the 80’s but I’m not so sure how it would work today. It should be interesting to see how it turns out.

In the end I really enjoyed Robocop and am weighing it at.20 Geek Points

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