bridget+luke ep BY bridget+luke REVIEW

OK Devin messaged me saying that i should do music reviews, so I just went to band camp and listened to the first indie album I saw, bridget+luke ep by bridget+luke. So. Here we goo.

Listen To it here

All I Need: this was nice, I really like the vocal recording, and I also very much enjoyed how it seemed to grow as a song. My only real complaint, as much as I love free form songs, (songs that don’t go verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus) I think this just kinda felt repetitive. Like it wasn’t really going anywhere, it just felt kinda pointless. Also they used a banjo, so that’s always a positive.

Rewind: Personally, i thought this song was brilliant. As with the other songs, the vocals were amazing, and the fact that the chord progression didn’t go to the one for a LONG time was really interesting. Also, really nice guitar solo.

Something Wicked: Assuming it was meant to be pretty creepy, it very much succeeded in that. The harmonies were great, and this one had form so yay to that! What really added creepiness for me was the whispering, gave me chills. not too many chills though.

Overall, very good EP. very indie, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re only into Katy perry and Rebecca black. The production was a brilliant mix of modern pop and indie and very original song writing. I would recommend this to anyone.

i give it 2 Geek Points. Because, it’s really not that geeky at all.

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