Introductions are in order

Hey, Devin here. So I am the first half of the get geek team. I don’t like taking long walks on the beaches(it hurts my feet!), and I play the uke.Kinda. I have 3 cats, that don’t always get along. Yes I’m a cat person. Deal with it. I guess thats enough about me for now.


  • I am working on the new Dr. Who series so you can expect to hear aboot that as I watch it.
  • I have consumed almost everything Whedon. This would be excluding the second season of doll house, alien 3?, and the original buffy movie if I know my shiznish. Also we(meaning you Tim) should watch that it has Paul “pewee herman” Ruebens
  • I listen to podcasts… you’ll hear more aboot that
  • I have watched all of Lost and got in a very heated argument about the ending of the show with my dad… I know I’m right. His theory was invalidated by the writers of the SHOW! OK got that off my chest.
  • I read comics of the web and dead-tree variety.

Devin OUT!

Timothy D Blakely

Hi. I’m Timothy, and the cooler half of Get Geek. way cooler≥÷≤…æ“‘–≠ƒ©˙√ç≈ßåß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπΩ≈ç√∫˜µ¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠œ∑´®†¥¨ sorry bout that, i just figured out how to make all those cool symbols with my keyboard. so BACK TO ME. I like music, and some other stuff, and im kinda obnoxious, and i sing friday on friday, so beware.

•I have watched all of new Doctor Who
•i have a gameboy advance in my back pack right now
•”I’m super into youtube stuff”
•I have an otamatone
•I play the accordion
•I’m devin’s friend
•I can quote almost all of Peewee Herman’s Big Adventure from memory

well ya thats it.

I’m a peeweeist


About Devin

Devin, the mastermind behind most things on here on the website has almost no free time! He spends what little time he isn’t studying, recording podcasts, editing videos or writing articles for this site, on watching TV, playing video games, reading books and being a general nerd. Devin loves table-top roleplaying games, non-laugh track comedies, dark fantasy, science fiction, roleplaying, and puzzle video games, and really anything else you see on

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